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We have many easy-to-use tools and features designed for professionals to bring your online meetings virtual and seamless.

Seinows professional solutions offer feature rich tools designed for easy everyday use for the workplace or for teaching & learning remotely with options like real-time sharing

of data including audio and video ,documents, live text with chat video, prerecording’s, white board ,circle pen and notes, emoji icons, breakout rooms, polling with many more features at your fingertips We have hundreds of easy to use features and are constantly updating our tool options to give you the best in seamless virtual enhanced experiences possible.

Our advanced communications lets you create ,communicate and personalise your video messaging experience.

For clients ,staff or students our easy connect video messenger and tools work off most existing operating systems .

Seinow software is designed to accommodate virtual messaging applications across a wide range of industry to run their day-to-day requirements for business, training, and social environments.

Uniquely our advanced premium package options lets you run unlimited number of groups so you can connect to many at ones for mass meetings, seminars ,events ,training and even virtual concerts .

Our ticket option lets you run and make money from events, concerts, or professional services to paid audiences . Uniquely our professional option has an Unlimited audience option that is only limited to internet speed not numbers of audiences so if you’re going big, we have built Seinow with you in mind .

We also offer scalable customised solutions for premium clients so if there is something additional you need, we can tailor or build to suit your requirements .

Seinow business solutions lets you communicate in virtual seamless secure environment to Exchange information with many feature rich tools to ensure the best possible outcomes. Improve efficiency and productivity ,limit downtime with advanced framework for joint interaction that accelerates multi-function messaging.

We are passionate about the development and performance of online meeting environments to bring virtual experiences to limitless joint connections.

Seinows progressive feature rich technology makes virtual possible.

Pick a package to suit your requirements below or contact us for a custom solution

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