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Ease of access Does SEINOW work off my existing system and software?

Our messenger software and enhancement tools work of most existing systems and software to let you set up and start using it straight away for virtual business and social environments.

Seinow is designed to improve efficiency in online meetings with click options for joint interaction of members to use and share many features to make the meetings and messenger experiences the best it can be .

How do I set up and connect to Seinow to use.
We have various options and packages to suit your needs that enable you to get many feature rich tools for work and play

Seinow free version

We have a basic free version that enables you to connect to video and audio to another person

Simple steps to connect.

To set up Seinow is easy as 1 to 3

To Set up as an admin , simply add your name next box and your email and the next box add your password and an email will be sent to you .

Once you click the link sent to your email or cut and paste the link you will be able to login . one longed in you can add people and depending on your version access a substantial range of features and tools use .

How to set up a meeting or group chat
To set up a meeting ro group chat or multi event, simply login and send a link to add others to Sign in .Again to creative a new meeting using seinows simple three steps to goin a chat or group make it easy .

Simply 1. Add a name and email and password one done an email will be sent to you

Step 2 forward the link via email or cut and past the link to connect to one or unlimited people to connect with the unique messenger chat room number .

Use basic Semilow video messenger for free or pick a package with many features and tools to suit your requirements.

Custom solutions and additional features
To ask for any additional feature or custom solutions please email us at : [email protected] and we will happily contact you to go voder your requirement’s .

for an questions enquiries feedback suggestions please email [email protected]

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